Tapplock lite

Feather light. Lightning fast.

In the house or on the go, Tapplock lite boasts a strong, lightweight chassis and packs Tapplock’s advanced fingerprint technology. Tapplock lite is the perfect portable lifestyle lock.

Lightning fast access

State-of-the-art capacitive fingerprint sensor allows unlocking in under 0.8 seconds. Adaptive algorithm means the lock becomes faster and more accurate with each access. Store up to 100 different fingerprints per lock. Manage users and fingerprints via the Tapplock app


Lightning fast fingerprint access, Bluetooth access via the Tapplock app, or set your own combination to unlock via Morse-Code.

Three versatile ways to unlock means you’ll never be stranded without access. Sweaty fingers? No problem. Phone in the locker? We got you covered.

Sharing access

is simple.

Share Bluetooth access remotely with unlimited users. Set permanent access or limited access with flexible dates and times, and feel free to revoke access whenever you want. Track and monitor access history with time and location from the Tapplock app.

8-months battery life per charge

(or 1,200 unlocks)

You can check remaining power using the Tapplock app.
Using our app from the App Store or Play Store, your lock profiles will show the battery percentage remaining on the lock.

Tapplock blinks red when power is below 10%.
In case it does run out, a 8 second charge using any portable battery pack will awaken the Tapplock.

Forget your keys and combinations

Shop Tapplock lite

Electric Yellow
RM 250

Flame Red
RM 250

Ash Black
RM 250


Double pack

Flame Red | Electric Yellow | Ash Black
RM 475

Triple pack

Flame Red | Electric Yellow | Ash Black
RM 700

Quad pack

Flame Red | Electric Yellow | Ash Black
RM 840